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See How To Use Instagram For Your Establishment’s Business

For a long time, social networks have not only been tools for interacting with people to pass the time. The application’s developers realized the potential of these platforms as an excellent showcase for companies that wanted to advertise their products on the network. From there, Instagram for Business was launched, changing how you advertise online.

A social network is one of the most used worldwide, so it is unnecessary to reinforce their capacity to offer visibility, communication with the public, and the chance of positioning in front of the companies’ target.

Big brands have used a lot of creativity and innovation to conquer more and more space in the digital environment, generate engagement and get even closer to their target audience.

In this post, we talk more about what Instagram for Business is and how it conquered an essential space in digital marketing. Understand the usefulness of this platform and the advantages it offers.

What Is Instagram For Business, And What Is It For?

Since 2010, Instagram has been a social network focused on the visual part: photos and videos to share your records and moments with a vast network of people worldwide. It is not necessary to say that the platform is a success, but the entry of companies may have boosted it.

Realizing the opportunity to speak to a good portion of their audience, large companies have entered the social network for good. In parallel to this, the developers saw chances to monetize the participation of these companies and still offer specific resources for growth. That’s when, in 2016, the Instagram for Business platform was launched, focusing on companies that want to position themselves on the social network.

The proposal offered much more than a simple space for businesses to post their photos and expose products to the public, regardless of size. On Instagram for Business, you can take advantage of the quick link access feature, improve the level of information in the bio with the contact button and, above all, take advantage of the ad tool.

Instagram is also part of a powerful trend right now: omnichannel. Retailers increasingly understand the need to be present in different channels, especially exploring digital with the help of social networks.

Engagement Is The Basis Of The Tool

Engagement is the watchword for companies in an era when businesses need to be visible and active in the digital environment. Amidst this, Instagram for Business provides the right resources to achieve outstanding results. Through the platform, it is possible to advertise and expose and interact and invite the consumer to be closer to the company.

This engagement is obtained through resources such as polls, DM service, and Stories to show more behind the scenes of the establishment. The idea is to use Instagram as a platform for interaction, generating a sense of belonging in the public.

The company becomes part of people’s routines more recurrently, which brings this identification and sympathy — which translates into an engagement.

Marketing Actions Are Essential Resources

The outstanding highlight of Instagram for Business is the possibility of optimizing marketing actions through the platform’s tools. Among the main ones, sponsored links are the most used.

Sponsored links are paid boosts that can be done in the tool, which ensures that a post or ad reaches more users within a segmentation configured by the company. Thus, whoever manages a supermarket, for example, can program ads for a base of people who fit that Business’s segment.

In addition to boosts, the metrics tool measures the results of campaigns developed on the platform. Sponsored links are broken down, showing their reach, the click-through rate received, and other details. The metrics tool also offers profile views and a track of new followers.

Stories can also be used strategically to approach the customer — showing the establishment’s day-to-day — or with promotions. It is possible to use this space of videos and images to advertise, for example, the daily promotions in a supermarket.

What Are The Advantages Of Instagram For Business?

Instagram for Business is a tool that strategically offers advantages to brands and establishments that know how to position themselves on the social network. Next, see how it can benefit your Business to use this platform and conquer the development of your company digitally!

Increased Sales

With a more precise reach of your targeting through sponsored ads, it is possible to bring the right content to those who want to buy. Thanks to the ad reach options, you can easily reach customers at your supermarket or another establishment. In addition, Instagram Shopping allows you to tag products in photos and take the user directly to the purchase link.

Brand Strengthening

With the dissemination options and the control of campaign results, it is possible to understand more and more what generates outstanding results. The relationship with the consumer can only be improved when the resources of Instagram for Business are used best, constantly with an optimization perspective. In the medium term, the idea is to strengthen the brand and continuously increase engagement.

More Audience Reach

Being on Instagram is a way to increase the reach of brands, that is, to occupy all the spaces where the public is. Anyone buying from your establishment is undoubtedly on this social network — and can become a customer too. Targeting settings generate a new supermarket audience and help others discover the trade.

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