Spotify Advertising: Many Advantages For Your Business

We all know Spotify, the digital streaming service for listening to music and podcasts on demand. And we have all, sooner or later, heard or seen an advertisement on this platform. With 406 million monthly users globally and 184 countries with active streaming, Spotify can reach a large and varied audience. Therefore, Advertising on this channel means intercepting an influential audience through a particularly effective form of communication based on the power of sound and voice. If used strategically, Spotify Advertising, the platform’s advertising service, allows you to develop new opportunities for your business.

Why Advertise On Spotify?

Let’s start with a fact: worldwide, there are 236 million active users every month through accounts with advertising on Spotify. These people listen to music and podcast episodes on different devices (smartphones, tablets, and computers), and between one song and another, they are reached by advertisements. The peculiarity of audio content is that it can be listened to in any place or time of the day, even while doing other activities (for example, during a trip or sports training). 

Sounds and voices create a solid and direct relationship with the listener, involve them emotionally, and are memorable. Audio ads increase the ad recall rate (a metric used to measure “advertising recall”) by up to 24% compared to traditional display ads. In short, Spotify advertising campaigns are an excellent way to:

  1. Make your brand or product known to users.
  2. Direct traffic to the website is also generated through personalized CTAs (Call to Action).
  3. Increase brand recall over time.

Like many other online advertising platforms, Spotify Advertising allows you to publish ads (audio and video), define marketing objectives, monitor the progress of campaigns, and optimize their results.

An Audience To Conquer Through The Voice

Given the advantages of using Spotify advertising, let’s get to the target to reach: who can you direct your audio ads to? Most Spotify users are under 44 years old and are equally distributed between male and female genders. It is above all young people who are accompanied in their days by music and podcasts: Spotify annually publishes the Culture Next report, an analysis of Millennials and Generation Z and their use of the platform, demonstrating the great opportunities that advertisers can exploit through advertising on Spotify. 

The voice is a powerful and fascinating tool that enchants and conquers a means to connect with your target, starting from Spotify advertising campaigns up to the solutions offered, for example, by voice technology.

Server Plan, A Successful Case Study

In Site By Site, one of the projects developed on Spotify Advertising concerns the creation of video campaigns for Serverplan, one of the best-known Internet service provider companies in Italy. The marketing objective was to increase visibility and brand awareness through an advertising video (with images and audio) broadcast on both YouTube and Spotify. 

The announcement, which aimed to present Serverplan’s business, was addressed to a target of over 25 users interested in the technology and IT sectors for approximately 3 weeks. With an audience share of 97.6%, the campaign drove growth in online brand searches, site visits, and transactions. A significant result was made possible thanks to the communication strategy implemented and the platform’s characteristics on which the content was broadcast.

Make Yourself Heard With Spotify Advertising!

Are you also looking forward to letting your brand talk through audio and video ads on Spotify? You are in the right place! Site By Site is a Spotify partner agency and, thanks to its experience in the field of digital advertising, has all the necessary skills to create targeted and effective campaigns. Spotify advertising is perfect for both large companies and small businesses. With our support, you can reach your desired target and make your business even more competitive. What do you think? Is it time to make yourself heard?

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