Switchgear: What Is The Best Way To Plan It?

There are switchgears in every building. The concept of the systems is to be prepared individually for each building. From planning to operation, many steps are necessary and aspects to be considered. A professional team should therefore develop switchgear. If you do not know switchgear, you should contact a specialist company to avoid incorrect assembly.

What Is The Difference Between Switchgear?

Switchgear is required for various areas in the building. It is, for example, a system for distributing electricity to the individual areas of the property. In addition, there is the switchgear for overvoltage protection. All of these systems require precise planning. It is therefore essential to inspect the building before drawing up the plan. In addition, the construction plans are required to determine the individual locations of the switchgear. In most cases, these are low-voltage switch gears.

Such systems are subject to the European standard, and therefore, among other things, DIN EN 61439-1/2/3 must be observed. All regulations for the subcategories, such as small distributors, are recorded in the type test. There is a leading distributor in every building. In addition, there are somewhat smaller sub-distributors, and additional small distributors must be attached in some areas. Which distribution systems are required always depends on the building structure.

Switchgear: Individual And Series Production

The tailor-made one-off production of switchgear always refers to the individual structure of the building system. If there are several of the same building types, specialist companies can produce a series of switchgear. Therefore, individual planning is not necessary because the switchgear works identically and has the same installation space as in the first building. But that is rarer than individual projects. In most cases, switchgear is replaced in existing buildings or manufactured for a new building.

For row settlements, on the other hand, it is possible to create a series. This saves costs and time. It is essential to know that you have a competent partner at your side who plans, installs, and maintains the switchgear.

Leading Distributor In The Control Cabinet

The largest switchgear to be planned is the leading distributor. There, single and series switches are installed in the smallest of spaces. Clamps and cables can, therefore, quickly confuse. It is all the more critical that the system is marked. This works best using colored terminals and switches to distinguish them from each other. If a company other than the company that planned and installed the switchgear is responsible for maintenance after commissioning, there should be no misunderstandings.

Specialist companies document every single switchgear. However, for others to deal with it, plans must be in place. If this is not the case, the color scheme of the pushers enables the structure and meaning of the individual elements to be recognized.

Digital Planning And Robotics

Switchgear is installed on-site in the building but not manufactured. The effort would be too great; the individual devices cannot be transported, which is why the customer receives ready-made switchgear. Most companies hardly ever use pen and paper for planning anymore. You use the software and create the plans for the switchgear digitally. This also enables them to perform complex mathematical calculations.

Humans only partially carry out the production. This serves more to control and support the robots, which take over most construction steps. They are exact, and the switchgear is safe thanks to the final inspection. The regular maintenance of the existing switchgear, on the other hand, is still carried out by specialist personnel.

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