The Five Most Important Social Media Trends For 2021

Companies should be aware of the latest trends if they use social media: Internet culture is changing quickly. A recent study identified five social media trends that will keep us busy this year.

There are 4.1 billion social media users worldwide, fourteen people each creating a new social media account within a second: The corona pandemic has driven many into the digital world. What else should their social needs be met during a pandemic if not with social media? Companies should prepare for more interaction and more audiences – with the right approach.

However, the Internet rarely forgives. Once the communicative disaster is in place, the “Shit Storm” is not far away. So it is advisable to understand the digital terrain of social media and how to move around it. Many companies don’t know that. Five trends that the social media platform Hootsuite reports on in their new study could help.

Five Social Media Trends For 2021

The study was able to identify the following trends via social media:

  1. The race for ROI
  2. Silence is golden
  3. Baby boomers are booming
  4. Connection of commitment and identity
  5. Spirited brands prove themselves in the boardroom.

The Race For ROI

While companies struggle to recoup lost sales, marketing professionals rely on social media: With some performance marketing tactics, they can achieve a short-term ROI (Return On Investment) and create digital experiences that strengthen their customers’ loyalty and loyalty to the brand.

Silence Is Golden

The significant increase in social media usage opened up a multitude of new opportunities for brands this year. But quite a few missed the target because they got on too early. Intelligent brands listen first before they enter the social media conversation with creative, original and appropriate ideas and thus attract attention.

Baby Boomers Are Booming

Through intelligent segmentation and a healthy thought-out approach, marketing teams can integrate the baby boomers into their social media strategy and thus secure a decisive competitive advantage over brands that still think in stereotypes. The baby boomers have long since arrived on social media and are represented there in large numbers.

Commitment And Identity

For years, running a social media presence that addresses and serves different customer identities has proven to be complicated. With new impulses, social media as a “top priority” and conscientiously cultivated customer relationships, engagement and customer identity can now also be profitably combined.

Bold Brands Prove Themselves In The Boardroom

Spirited brands don’t just prove themselves on the social media front but are already in the boardroom. Thanks to courageous advocates, many topics, such as social affairs or sustainability, have only appeared on companies’ agendas in recent months and years. Instead of using social media as a mouthpiece for empty promises, efficient CMOS use the information compiled by their social media team to adapt the company and its strategy to the new demands of consumers, the new paths in commerce and the new growth path.

Further Insights: Customer Acquisition, Instagram, Self-Confidence

There are other insights that the study has produced. For example, customer acquisition is now the top priority for marketing professionals. 73 percent of those surveyed said that acquiring new customers was the top priority in 2021, while only 46 percent of the marketers surveyed saw it as the most critical task last year.

It also shows that Instagram is the platform of the hour: 60 percent of companies plan to increase their budget for Instagram. But half of the companies surveyed also want to improve their spending on Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.

After all, 85 percent of companies that integrate social data into other systems trust that they can accurately quantify the ROI of their social media. So social media creates self-confidence.

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