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The PC Become Extremely Slow? These Tips Will Give You More Speed

If the PC becomes increasingly slow over time, this can have many causes. But there are ways and means to bring the computer back up to date in just a few simple steps and in a short amount of time. A new PC or more up-to-date components may only be necessary if the following tips and tricks do not lead to success.

A Possible Cause For The Slow PC: The Hard Disk

If a computer has already been used for several years, then more and more programs are on the device. Working or playing is no longer fun at the latest when the hard drive is hopelessly overloaded, and the PC is slowing down. For this reason, it makes sense to relieve the plate of unnecessary ballast as a first step.

With a simple click on the desktop, you can quickly find out how much free space is currently available on the hard drive. An almost complete hard drive slows down the entire device and ensures that individual programs and switching on and off only run slowly. If only a few gigabytes are free, unnecessary data must be deleted. These are found on the vast majority of PCs for home use.

First, all those programs that the user no longer needs can be uninstalled. In addition, a lot of space can be saved by looking through the files in the personal folder and deleting them accordingly. Some files, such as images or videos, can also be stored on an external hard drive. This makes sense above all if the data is only accessed infrequently.

Clean Desktop With These Measures

The PC is unnecessarily slow, even if multiple files are directly on the desktop. All files stored here are loaded when the system is restarted – i.e., every time the PC is switched on or restarted. This costs storage space and one thing above all: time. If the images, text files, and programs are sorted into separate folders far away from the desktop, this ensures a faster computer and a better overview.

Such programs are already installed and often run unnoticed in the background. If you want to start or use a completely different program, you will be surprised that it runs all the time slowly. If a program is no longer required, it should be uninstalled immediately. Of course, all essential data must be backed up beforehand to restore the work status later in case of doubt. This is best done on an external hard drive to save space effectively.

If you have version 8 or a newer version of Windows, you can use the key combination CTRL, ALT, and Delete to open the task manager. Here you can see at a glance which programs are running in the background and are slowing down the PC. Under the Autostart tab, the user can specify which programs should start each time the PC is switched on.

Eliminate Troublemakers On The PC

Malware and adware can also cause the PC to slow down. The installation of software specifically designed to detect and remove viruses and the like is recommended per se. The use makes sense about the computer’s speed because the extra is removed.

Old drivers should be deleted if replaced with a newer version. They can significantly slow down the startup of the current operating system and no longer serve any practical purpose. Of course, this step should not be taken until the new driver is working reliably. It is not uncommon for a change to the old driver to be necessary because different software components do not harmonize immediately.

If All Else Fails: Install An SSD Hard Drive

Suppose all unnecessary data has been deleted, and there is no harmful malware or malicious software on the device. In that case, the PC may become slow due to the outdated components inside the machine. If the PC is more than four or five years old and was cheap at the time of purchase, the hard drive should be replaced. A fast SSD hard drive costs a little money but makes working and playing on the PC much more pleasant. Different manufacturers offer hard drives at different prices – here, it is essential to compare. Laypeople can also carry out the installation with instructions.

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