What Can I Do To Make My Website Easier To Find On Google?

Anyone who creates their website, whether for business or pleasure, usually does so, not just for themselves. Of course, the site should also be found on Google and other search engines. But what can you do about it, and what brings the page up in the search results?

What Is SEO?

Making a website as high as possible in the search results is called search engine optimization and is abbreviated as SEO. Many people work professionally (e.g., SEO freelancers ) with search engine optimization and are always up to date. But you can also do a lot with SEO in your private life if you get a little information. Although Google does not provide precise information about what needs to be optimized on a website for the page to rank higher, professionals still know a few tips and tricks that should be revealed here.

Links / Backlinks

Google and other search engines rate it particularly valuable when other websites link to your site. So-called backlinks are an essential part of search engine optimization. So, getting good backlinks from reputable and essential sites should be a priority. If a page that can be found high up on Google links to your website, you already have a significant advantage and will probably soon be easier to find on the search engines.

Keyword Research

Keywords or keywords are the search terms that users enter into Google for search results. Here you should consider the keywords under which your website should be found. The keywords under which the page should not be found can also be included in the consideration. There are several tools and aids on the Internet to do keyword research. Once you have compiled a list of important keywords, it is essential to use them in the website’s texts.

Meaningful Texts

As important as keyword research is, Google notices when the text consists of pure keywords and otherwise makes no sense. Meaningful texts that offer readers added value are considered valuable by Google and therefore ranked higher. The creator of the text should always have the keywords ready and try to include them in the text as much as possible, but always pay attention to the meaningfulness of the text and not use the keywords if they just don’t fit.


If a website hasn’t been updated for several years, Google notices it. Google periodically looks at the web pages that appear in search results (indexing). When indexing, the Google bots recognize whether a page is regularly edited and updated or whether nothing has happened there for a long Time. If a page is updated regularly, Google considers it positive, and the page will most likely rank higher than outdated pages.

Google My Business

Google My Business is also a great way to improve your SEO. You can easily create a Google My Business account using your own Google account. This makes your company much easier to find. In addition, much other important information can be easily visible via the My Business Account. Of course, you can link to your website, but photos, opening hours, and other information are very quickly visible here. Of course, Google recognizes whether there is a Google My Business account and then ranks the page higher.

Penalties And Duration Of The Measures

Anyone who violates specific Google guidelines will be warned. For example, if page B. has no meaningful texts but only a series of keywords, the Google bots recognize this when indexing. A penalty can be the result, which means that your website is made very difficult to find via Google. But if you stick to the above points, you already have a good standing in search engine optimization of your website. However, it is always important to note that SEO results do not become visible overnight. Search engine optimization is a long-term investment in your website. Results sometimes take a Long Time, but they are worth it.

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