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How To See Received Snaps

Evan Spiegel’s social network bases user interaction on timed messages in the form of images and videos. How to see received snaps

Snapchat is a popular instant messaging application especially appreciated by the youngest. The strength of this social network lies in its use. Unlike other mobile chat services that are all the rage, Snapchat doesn’t focus on text messaging but on exchanging pictures and videos.

The beating heart of the white ghost is the snaps, photographs or concise videos (10 seconds) that can be modified with filters, drawings and special effects that users send to each other to share special moments and communicate information visually, with a sort of caption that can be added to the kit.

The peculiarity that distinguishes Snapchat is that these contents are automatically deleted at the end of viewing (so a timer can be set from 1 to 10 seconds) unless users choose to save them. A complex undertaking, given the extreme care that the social network places in protecting the privacy of its users.

Snapchat And User Privacy

  • Even before the boom of Instagram and TikTok, other social platforms conquered young people worldwide. Let’s talk about Snapchat, created in 2011 by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown (students just like Mark Zuckerberg at the time of the creation of Facebook).
  • Snapchat is a social network based on the speed and immediacy of messages, videos, and photos exchanged between network members without taking up space in the smartphone’s memory. 
  • It is available on the App Store and Play Store for both iPhone and Android devices and is compatible with most smartphones, even the slightly outdated ones.
  • Since its inception, Snapchat has progressively added exclusive functions and features, gaining increasing acclaim among technology lovers and social media users. 
  • One of Snapchat’s strong points is privacy. Since the images and videos may contain sensitive data and private information, the social network guarantees users that the photos can only be viewed by selected users and for a limited time.

What Are Snaps

  • Snaps are photos and videos sent via the app to one of the contacts in the social address book or several friends simultaneously. 
  • Each snap can be customized with fun accessories, ranging from simple text and captions to special effects such as filters, freehand drawings and masks that disguise faces to surprise friends and make them laugh.
  • Snaps are shared with selected people only and shared publicly with only some contacts, as is the case on many social networks. Furthermore, after a few seconds of receipt, the snaps self-destruct without leaving any trace.
  • Photos and videos exchanged via Snapchat are automatically deleted after a maximum of 10 seconds, after which they can no longer be viewed or retrieved.
  • During the 10 seconds a snap lives, the viewer has only one additional chance to review or replay it if they missed details or weren’t paying attention during the first view. 
  • It is impossible to screenshot snaps or capture a still image without the original sender knowing about it via an alert notification. These procedures ensure users’ privacy even if they exchange private and sensitive images.
  • In addition to photos and videos, Snapchat allows you to chat with your friends and make video calls like other social applications. No additional cost is required for sending text messages and phone calls apart from the regular traffic consumption of your data connection.

How To See Received Snaps

  • To see the snaps you’ve received, open the Snapchat app: the icon looks like a white ghost on a yellow background. Then tap the Chat icon represented by the chat bubble in the screen’s lower left corner. 

Open The Snap Sent By A Friend

  • In the window that opens, if a person has sent you a snap, a coloured square icon will appear on the left side of their username.
    • If the square is red, that means it’s a photo.
    • If the square is purple, then the user has received a video.
    • If the square is blue, a message has arrived.
  • To view a friend’s snap, tap them.
  • If a friend has sent multiple snaps, they will play in the order they were sent.

Download Photos And Videos Of Friends

  • The time-sensitive nature of Snapchat makes it very appealing to millions of people worldwide. The limited duration of the content shared in the app installs a sense of urgency that is hard to match by its competitors. 
  • To preserve this sensitivity, it offers the possibility of saving your photos or videos before and after their publication, but this is more or less the limit. You may not, under any circumstances, download other people’s snaps, whether they are photos or videos. Videos that people upload as Stories should be within reach. 

How To Save Snaps While Watching Them

  • You can only download someone else’s snap when they embed it in Snapchat text and permit you to save it in Chat. Only Video Snaps set to Loop, and Photo Snaps set to No Limit can be saved to Chat.
  • To save a snap in Chat while viewing it, press the three dots at the top right and select the item Save in Chat. After saving a snap, it will appear in Chat as media content.

Save Snaps After Viewing Them

  • To save a snap in Chat after watching it, hold it down and in the pop-up that opens, select the item Save in Chat.

What Happens If You Take A Screenshot

Unlike Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, Snapchat takes screenshots quite seriously, classifying it as an “act of invasion of privacy”. And because the platform is outspoken about privacy policies and safe practices, it notifies the person who posted the video immediately, even if the user tried to save just one or two frames.

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