Hybrid Work And Connected Cars, Cyber Security At Risk In 2023

The hot topics of 2023 in terms of cybersecurity. Connected cars, home networks, and the cloud are the targets targeted by cybercriminals.

According to a recent report entitled “Future/Tense: Trend Micro Security Predictions for 2023”, it seems that in the coming months, connected cars, supply chains, and the cloud will be targeted by cybercriminals.

Sensitive targets also include VPNs and unsecured home networks, which, due to home office devices, could be the gateway to corporate networks. Let’s find out more about the new threats arriving in 2023.

The Growth Of Ransomware Attacks And Data Theft

Again this year, ransomware will be one of the primary attack methods, with new attack systems designed to make data theft even more efficient. Indeed, among the categories at risk is personal information on computers and credit card numbers.

It is interesting to note how the priorities of cybercriminals who aim directly at the victims change to be able to extort money from them without attracting the attention of the media or the competent authorities, as it instead happens in the case of attacks on companies and public administrations.

The Cloud, The New Frontier Of Cybercrime 

The widespread diffusion of cloud technology, including remote working and migration of physical archives, will lead cybercriminals to target corporate infrastructures overbearingly. Therefore, companies must focus on new technologies and cybersecurity systems to protect sensitive data and information. 

After all, an incorrect implementation of cloud systems could become a weak link in the chain, facilitating attacks on servers with disastrous consequences. Similarly, using obsolete protocols and technologies could also pave the way to the company’s heart and all its confidential information. 

It is good to know that even new cars use these systems to transmit data to manufacturers. An attack on this infrastructure could pose severe risks to drivers and the vehicle itself, possibly installing malicious applications that cybercriminals could use to control vehicles remotely.

The Disappearance Of The Corporate Perimeter: Fertile Ground For Cyber Crimes

Private homes are becoming the natural extension of the company, with many manufacturing companies choosing hybrid models that wind between offices and home working.

For this reason, more and more home devices are being targeted by digital criminals who could get directly to company servers by attacking the home infrastructure.

It is, therefore, not surprising that one of the central themes of 2023 is cyber security oriented to private homes, which, as never before, represents one of the greatest threats to corporate security.

Social Engineering, Deep Fakes, And Fake News

Among the threats arriving for this 2023, many will affect some of the most followed sectors on the web: current affairs and meeting sites. These two macro areas are fertile ground for scammers who will target users deemed more “fragile” and ready to give in to the advances of the network.

Another area of ​​interest in cybercrime is BEC (Business Email Compromise) scams. This attack uses artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and deep fake technologies to ambush unsuspecting web explorers, convinced they are responding to messages with seemingly harmless promotions and offers.

Cybercrime And Blockchain, What Awaits Us In The Future

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are two hot topics for the future and already sensitive targets for cybercriminals. Cryptocurrency exchange platforms, which play the role of “banks” and “digital currency brokers” while not bound by the obligations and assurances of traditional financial institutions,  will undoubtedly suffer the most significant damage.

For this reason, they could end up in the bad guys’ crosshairs, and if they don’t take measures as soon as possible, they could seriously jeopardize the data and investors’ portfolios.

New Technologies, Updating, And Training

Among the most critical challenges of the coming years in cyber security is recruiting a workforce capable of implementing efficient and adequate security measures. 

A large part of companies’ problems in this area concern precisely the lack of competent personnel and the lack of updates by those who should face cyber threats.

Technologies change, and the strategies of cyber criminals change; for this reason, the approach specialists have to keep the company and its employees safe will also have to change.

Therefore, experts recommend the use of unified defense platforms and, above all, training and refresher courses for employees so that they become aware of what awaits them on the web. 

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