LinkedIn Showcase Page: How Does It Work, And What Is It For?

LinkedIn is a social network-oriented to businesses and professionals in all its features. We deepen the showcase page and see how to use it for business promotion in this post.

This is the definition as reported on the LinkedIn assistance pages: “Showcase pages are an extension of the LinkedIn page, designed to highlight a brand, a business unit or an initiative.”

Therefore, it is a section intended by the company for a specific product/service or a single brand. Therefore, they serve to focus the public’s attention in a specific and sectorial way, reducing distractions, the so-called background noise, and increasing the conversation rate in the community.

They are handy for companies offering different products/services and targeting non-uniform targets.

Differences LinkedIn Showcase Page And Company Page

The LinkedIn company page is the parent of the showcase page: it is necessary to be the super administrator of the company page to create a maximum of 10 showcase pages associated with it.

Then the two ‘sections’ proceed autonomously regarding followers, updates, and individual features (e.g., insights and analytical data on performance).

There are also other differences concerning the following aspects:

  • You cannot transfer followers from the main page to that showcase.
  • Personal profiles cannot be linked to showcase pages.
  • There are no restrictions for LinkedIn members on the number and type of page they want to follow.
  • To cancel and make the showcase page inactive, a request must be sent to LinkedIn.

How To Make A LinkedIn Showcase Page

As mentioned, to open a showcase page, you need to be the super administrator of the company page. That said, access the dashboard of the latter, click on “Administrator tools,” select “Create a showcase page” from the drop-down menu, and you’re done.

At this point, the work of completing and optimizing the page begins:

  • Choose name and URL: a fundamental step to identify the page and index it with the correct keywords on the social network engine and Google. For example, if you are involved in design training, you can use “Design training and improvement courses” or “Fashion design training.” Name and URL are unique and identifying.
  • Insert logo and cover image: two other elements of the impact that favor your brand. The cover image is not linkable and must be produced in gif, jpeg, or png format with a maximum weight of 2 MB and a minimum size of 974 x 330 pixels.
  • Work on the content: complete all the information, including the description and slogan, in such a way as to communicate quickly and concisely the mission of your brand and the values ​​of the specific product/service.

Practical advice: SEO optimization for the LinkedIn showcase page is an important aspect to give it visibility and recognition. Keywords must be used appropriately both in the name and in part reserved for the description. Also, in the site section of the page, remember to include the link to the page that corresponds to the reference service/product.

LinkedIn Showcase Page Performance Analysis

After having created and optimized the showcase page, it is essential to monitor the metrics relating to its performance, such as the number of visitors (with related data and origin); how many “follow” and how many “I like”; the rate of engagement in comments and shares.

Examples Of LinkedIn Showcase Pages

Below we have collected some examples of LinkedIn showcase pages of companies operating in software and hardware. Let’s see how it is used for business:

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe’s Creative Cloud page serves to connect not only users with each other but also customers with the brand. The description refers to the tools and simplified ways to share and collaborate designed for ‘new creatives.’ The link, of course, does not take visitors to the Adobe home page but to the product page, where you can find all the insights, as well as buy Creative Cloud.


Computing giant Hewlett-Packard has 10 Showcase Pages dedicated to individual products and services, which make the most of the diversification of target audiences. Depending on the type of product/service, HP uses the page to promote events, offer free trials, or organize live question and answer sessions.


Microsoft is unlikely to lag in digital promotion. And the most popular products, such as Office, each have their own LinkedIn showcase page. Also, in this case, the approaches of the individual pages are personalized. Still, they share the brand’s presence that is always clearly evident and constant updating aimed at providing users with utilities.

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