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Transforming Your Business With A Data Logger

If you own a business that entails shipping products of any kind, you’ll be all too familiar with the pesky problems that can continually crop up. From good arriving at their destination with notable damage to parcel theft and everything in between. There’s a lot that can go wrong when transporting valuable cargo.

That’s where data loggers can help.

In this article, we explore exactly what a data logger is and how it could help to improve the efficiency of your business.

What is a data logger?

Simply put, a data logger is a device designed to track the position and condition of the item it is attached to. Usually battery-powered, these clever contraptions feature an internal microprocessor with special sensors which record data that can be measured. These sensors collect and store this data on the electronic device, which can then be gathered once the logger is connected to a PC or laptop. Data loggers like the ones available at RS, can be used for anything from helping school children learn about computers and technology, to helping goods and services companies safely deliver packages.

How does a data logger work?

Basic data loggers are attached to items so that they can collect data during the transportation process. When the delivery arrives at its final stop, the data must then be physically removed and transferred to a computer. Some, more advanced, data loggers can send information directly to a server wirelessly. These are what are known as ‘Internet of Things’ loggers.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is advanced technology enabling us to connect any device to the internet. This allows data to be wirelessly transported over significant distances. More and more industries are using IoT technology to enhance their efficiency and better understand their customers. This can help to increase value by implementing better customer service as a business.

Benefits of using a data-logger

There are countless benefits to investing in data loggers for your business. They can be used across schools and mobile phone providers – but one of their main uses is within shipping businesses. If you’ve encountered lost items, theft, or even shipments which are reported as damaged on arrival – you’ll know just how costly this can be to your business. Paying out for replacement stock to be resent, alongside delivery costs, can hugely impact a company’s profit margins. This has a knock-on effect on the success of your business. Data loggers can help you to understand a little more information on the journey of your stock. By tracking the journey of an item, we can clearly pinpoint where problems may occur on route. This helps to minimise the risks by streamlining delivery processes to prevent such issues from happening again.

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