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What Is A TeamViewer? & What Are The Advantages Of TeamViewer?

TeamViewer is free software that allows you to access a computer wherever you are: it contains tools helpful in creating a connection between a workstation and the computer that you intend to control remotely, thus accessing archived files and performing operations of various kinds. The latest downloadable version also allows you to make video calls.

An indispensable requirement for using the application is that it is present both on the computer to be controlled and on the one from which the session is to be started. Enter a minimal number of information or sometimes click on a specific icon to launch it. The operations performed are repeated in real-time on the client computer, thus accessing both the files and the applications it contains.

Advantages And Functions Of The New Versions Of TeamViewer

One of the strengths that have determined its success in recent years is undoubtedly the simplicity of use, guaranteed by the absence of complex configuration procedures. In a few seconds, at the end of the installation, it is thus possible to access all the functions made available in TeamViewer by the software house. In the most recent versions, the following features stand out:

  1. Performance optimization of CPU usage for multi-core processors, HD quality of audio transmission, faster login and load times of the Management Console
  2. New streamlined and new design, convenient links to frequently used features and options
  3. Primary Whitelist: Access to all devices using a single safelist.
  4. Chat history and persistent chat groups
  5. You are fully protected by end-to-end encryption.
  6. Video calls, using video and VoIP with exceptional quality for both image and audio, without the need to start a meeting first.
  7. Insert your profile picture
  8. Automatically search for nearby contacts to share your screen or files—automatic display of nearby computers and communications.
  9. Ultra -high definition 4K display support
  10. Real-time meeting
  11. User-definable inactive session expiration
  12. Integration with cloud services such as Dropbox, Drive, and OneDrive
  13. Unattended access to Android devices
  14. Specific version for Windows 10

As for the last mentioned functionality, it allows you to carry out collaboration sessions with other users in real-time, with the possibility of inviting up to 25 different people and following a session even using your smartphone, thanks to the particular applications available for iPhone. IPad and Android devices. Those who participate in a meeting using TeamViewer can take advantage of an audio/video communication system that allows you to transform the session into a real videoconference, also enriched by the possibility of sharing files. 

The option of integrating the list of partners is also essential. With no installation required, the customer’s identity is automatically registered in the partner list of the technician offering support. Support providers are immediately alerted when the customer starts QuickSupport, and connections can begin with a single click.

Details On Interface And Security

The TeamViewer graphic interface is quite simple, even for less experienced users, with a subdivision into two areas dedicated respectively to personal information for the use of the software and to managing the list of clients with which sessions have been carried out. Previously or with which you want to start a new session for real-time control of the computer. In terms of resources necessary for its operation, however, the program in question has not shown that it places an excessive burden on the system load, thus making it an ideal solution in numerous contexts, including the domestic level.

Another aspect not to be underestimated is that of security. In this sense, TeamViewer leaves nothing to be desired: it can work even behind a firewall, without the need to go around complicated configuration menus to enable the application to communicate on the Net, and at the same time, can provide an encryption system using AES 256-bit algorithm to ensure that any information exchanged with the outside can be decrypted only by the actual recipient and not by any malicious persons.

Ultimately, TeamViewer is aimed at a rather heterogeneous audience: on the one hand, in fact, thanks to its simplicity of use and its versatility, it can be used by private users looking for a valuable solution for the remote management of their computer, functionality this is especially useful for those who travel frequently but do not intend to give up the files stored on their home PC or intend to carry out maintenance operations; on the other hand, however, the high level of functionalities made available allows it to be used even in business contexts, to hold business meetings, to organize collaboration sessions in real-time or more to control a computer network.

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