How To Find A Digital Marketing Agency For My Business?

An excellent digital marketing strategy is critical to the success of any company, according to studies surveyed by Forbes magazine.

However, the internal team is not always able to handle – whether for time or knowledge – all the necessary tasks to be accomplished to make the company reach its full potential.

Therefore, the ideal is to have a specialized agency as an ally to help with whatever is necessary so that the strategy has the expected result. However, how do you know how to choose the ideal digital marketing agency to help your business get ahead?


Investing money where it matters is essential in demonstrating a business’s maturation. And the investment in marketing should enter this role.

Not by chance, a survey by the Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) identified that companies typically use 5 to 15% of their annual revenue with marketing investments.

It is an essential portion for companies – which further increases the need to know how to invest. For that reason, having a reliable and competent partner to manage your marketing needs is critical.

5 Points To Find The Ideal Marketing Agency

First, the company must know what it wants: to increase the number of customers. Increase your visibility in the market. Launch a new product?

With clear objectives, it’s time to look for a marketing agency: it can help from the conception of the strategy to the implementation of tasks. First, even before thinking about pricing, ask yourself the following questions:

Is The Agency Transparent? 

Lack of transparency is the most basic warning sign and the most overlooked.

So, review the agency’s website first and check for an address, biographies, client lists, specialties, etc. If the agency’s website does not have these points, it is essential to be aware and look for another one.

This is because there are several “offshore agencies.” They practice super cheap rates and make big promises, but almost always, the experience is not satisfying.

Does The Agency Have Experience In The Market?

Make sure the agency has credibility and experience in the market: how many clients are in the portfolio? How long has she been doing projects? What is the magnitude of the projects carried out by her?

Look for customer testimonials and success stories with examples of what has been done – not just a list of the names of the contracting companies.

Ask these customers for references if you still have a flea behind your ear. Ask if the experience was good or if there was any tribulation in the middle of the project.

Are Communication Channels Active?

Nothing is more appropriate than analyzing the marketing agency’s marketing. So please note that:

  • The website pages are user-friendly and optimized for mobile devices.
  • The site has a blog with good-quality content.
  • Social networks are active and digital pieces, videos, and images are well-produced.

Does It Fit With The Company’s Values?

It is common to find super disruptive and modern marketing agencies. However, some companies have a different style.

The agency may have its own identity, but it needs to know how to adjust to the client’s values.

Creativity is essential, but it’s crucial to ensure the agency can demonstrate an understanding of the company’s business and its goals and specific expectations with digital marketing.‍

Does The Agency Have A Media Presence?

Knowing that you are dealing with a credible and recognized agency is essential. Search for the agency’s name and see what the quotes about it are on websites of the mainstream media or specialized media – vehicles with credibility. Usually, these portals bring relevant information about the agency.‍

Does The Agency Have A Remote Service?

The digital marketing agency must keep up to date with new technological advances. One of the highlights of the tuned agencies is remote service.

With it, the company-agency interaction becomes much simpler and more direct – minor problems can be solved online.

In addition, with the remote service platform, it is possible to use new project management tools and follow the contracted job step by step.

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