Marketing Career: What Are The Trends, & How To Identify Them?

Anyone who wants to build an increasingly promising marketing career must know market trends and digital marketing areas. With the various changes in the world and the types of market segmentation, it is essential to develop the necessary skills and qualify for the best positions in the sector.

Therefore, marketing professionals who understand the trends in the area and how to identify them get ahead of the others, significantly increase their employability, achieve excellent results, and prove indispensable for the company they work for.

So, read this post to the end and find out the new technologies and trends in digital marketing, as well as how to identify market trends and build a successful marketing career. Check it out now!

The New Technologies

New technologies are constantly emerging that contribute to the work and efficiency of the marketer. Therefore, it is essential to know and know how to use such technologies to be an updated and requested professional in the job market. Discover some of the leading technologies that can leverage your marketing career below.

Design System

Design System is a discipline that uses UX as a branding strategy. That is, it is one of the types of market segmentation to develop the brand experience from the user experience.

Therefore, the marketer with competence in Design Systems has knowledge of Information Architecture, UX, brand consistency, audience metrics, and conversion metrics.

The marketer with this competence in the curriculum is essential to work with information technology and data science, two strong trends in the areas of digital marketing.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Undoubtedly, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology that evolves every day and is one of the strong trends in the market. This technology aims to program a computer to reproduce intelligent human behavior.

In this way, the marketer with knowledge of the concepts and practices of AI has a solid competitive differential in the curriculum and has high employability.

Data-Oriented Decision Making

Big Data and data analysis are a big trend in all areas of marketing and types of market segmentation, so the marketer who knows how to make data-based decisions is in high demand in the job market.

After all, technology can collect data, but for this data to be transformed into good results, a human being is needed with requirements to promote the quality of a decision (decision quality).

Trends In The Areas Of Digital Marketing

The digital marketing professional is increasingly essential for companies. In the period of social distance, due to the pandemic of COVID-19, digital marketing has become, for many companies, the only viable form of service. Therefore, in digital marketing, new trends have emerged, and some old trends have come to be seen from a unique point of view or have been accelerated.


Gamification is the practice of using games as a means of communication and their application outside the context of entertainment. The main trends in this sector are gamification, social games, and advergames.

Business Intelligence

As the area that allows higher remuneration in the digital market, Business Intelligence is the present and the future for those who want to work with marketing and management. The function of the professional in this sector is to collect, organize and analyze the data to transform it into intelligence.

Mobile Marketing

The Mobile Marketing proposal is to use portable digital devices as a marketing tool through SMS (Short Message Service) and MMS (Multimedia Message Service).

Faced with so many changes, new technologies, and trends, it is essential to keep an eye on the evolution of digital marketing and post-pandemic marketing to stay updated and relevant to the job market. 

Therefore, it is possible to understand what they are, how to identify trends to build a successful marketing career, the new technologies, and how to stand out in the job market.

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