What Are Amazon WorkDocs?

Amazon WorkDocs is a cloud service for businesses to store and share files. In addition to classic web access via browser, client software is available for different operating systems.

WorkDocs is the name of one offered by Amazon cloud service. It is produced on the Amazon Web Services ( AWS ) cloud platform and is fully managed. The service companies offer the option of storing files in the cloud and setting up shares for users. It allows comfortable joint work with the data and versions of the files. Various content, document, and media types can be created, jointly edited, commented on, and exchanged with others on Amazon WorkDocs.

 In addition, the cloud storage can be integrated and synchronized as a drive in Windows and macOS computers via Amazon WorkDocs Drive. Approval workflows can also be set up with WorkDocs. Access via the Internet is possible from anywhere with the appropriate authorization. Any end devices such as PCs, laptops, smartphones, or tablets can be used to work with Amazon WorkDocs. Amazon offers suitable client software for working with the data for standard operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS. Alternatively, the files can be accessed via the web interface and the normal web browser. 

The WorkDocs Drive software is available for macOS and Windows to integrate the cloud storage as a drive and to synchronize local or offline data. A software development kit ( SDK ) is available for developers to integrate Amazon WorkDocs into their applications. It is suitable for numerous programming languages. Amazon WorkDocs pricing is pay-as-you-go. There are no one-off costs or prepayments. The monthly fees depend on the number of booked users and the storage space used. A 30-day free trial version is available to test and start with WorkDocs. Pricing for using the Amazon WorkDocs API is based on the number and type of requests made through the API.


Amazon WorkDocs offers a wide variety of features. Cloud storage can be set up for an AWS account via the AWS Management Console. Once the repository has been created, almost any file type can be stored in the cloud storage. Each user has a predefined maximum storage capacity that the administrator can change. File versioning is unlimited and provides access to previous file versions. The powerful search function Amazon WorkDocs Smart Search is integrated for a comfortable search for files.

In addition to searching for folder and file names, it supports searching for comments, document content, file types, timestamps, and other characteristics. The extensive release management allows precise control over who can access, edit, download, or comment on files. Links can be used to share access to files with specific users or publicly. The links can be provided with password protection and expiry date. External users can also be invited to work with files in WorkDocs. With Amazon WorkDocs Tasks, you can set up task management and approval workflows in WorkDocs. 

Some document types, such as PDF, TXT, and Office files, can be edited directly in the browser and Microsoft Office. Data is encrypted when transferring files to and from Amazon WorkDocs and stored in cloud storage. Administrators have access to extensive usage statistics and data through the console, allowing them to track which files were accessed from which devices and IP addresses and when.

Amazon WorkDocs Drive

This is a desktop application for Windows and macOS operating systems. It integrates the cloud storage into file explorer or the Mac Finder and enables direct file access from the PC or laptop. You can work with the files on the mounted drive as you would on a local drive. WorkDocs Drive has an offline feature that allows content to be accessed offline when there is no network connection. After restoring the online relationship, Amazon WorkDocs Drive synchronizes the files changed offline with the cloud storage.

Amazon WorkDocs SDK

Amazon offers an Amazon WorkDocs SDK (Software Development Kit) for the programming languages ​​​​Java, Python, Go, JavaScript, .NET, PHP, and Ruby. With the SDK, developers can integrate the Amazon WorkDocs cloud storage into their applications and solutions. Numerous functions are supported, such as signing API requests, authorization with OAuth 2.0, role and permissions management with AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), integration with AWS CloudTrail and Amazon SNS, and more. The extensible API enables actions at the user or administrator levels, such as commenting on content, sharing files, user administration, and much more.

Possible Uses For Amazon WorkDocs

Amazon WorkDocs offers numerous application possibilities. On-premise file storage can be replaced with cloud storage. With the help of Amazon WorkDocs Drive, the storage can be integrated locally on computers. Thanks to powerful release management and automatic versioning of file changes, WorkDocs Drive is suitable for collaborating on files in internal or external teams. Another use case is set up and working with approval workflows. Business processes can be made more efficient as a result.


Working with Amazon WorkDocs offers numerous advantages, such as:

  1. fully managed file storage with file versioning and powerful sharing features,
  2. No investment in your hardware or software is necessary,
  3. transparent pricing with usage-dependent costs,
  4. high availability of cloud storage,
  5. Access from anywhere with any device via a web browser or app,
  6. support of numerous operating systems,
  7. WorkDocs Drive is available for desktop integration for Windows and macOS,
  8. Work with files without a network connection using WorkDocs Drive and offline mode,
  9. Software development kit for various programming languages ​​​​for integrating WorkDocs into your applications and solutions,
  10. easy sharing of data with internal or external users,
  11. Working together on files in internal and external teams,
  12. Setting up and working with approval workflows,
  13. extensive comment functions,
  14. encrypted storage and transmission of data,
  15. easy tracking of file access,
  16. powerful search functions,
  17. Direct opening of certain file types in the browser and Microsoft Office.

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