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How To Write Good Content For The Web?

Become an expert in content creation and implement an effective content marketing strategy. Content writing is a time-consuming and complex task. Therefore, the articles written must benefit the marketing and overall strategy of the company. With this video, learn how to become a savvy writer.

Create Useful Content

For Your Visitors

The purpose of an article is, above all, to be read. So don’t waste time writing essays on uninviting issues. It’s seemingly simple advice, yet most companies present their solutions without even thinking about the problems and motivations of their customers. To avoid this kind of error, the first step consists in understanding the problems of your targets.

To understand what your prospects are looking for, think about creating your marketing personas. If you answer the questions, your targets are asking. It is only natural that you will generate a feeling of confidence and position yourself as an expert. Your target will therefore be more inclined to leave your data or interact with your company.

For Your Business

The main contribution of your article is that it contributes to the natural referencing of your site. So be sure to choose the keywords to include in your report wisely. Relevant keywords are keywords with: a high search volume and low competition and related to your market. Integrating these keywords in your meta, your tags, your content, etc., will be necessary.

Write An Article

It is not a question of having a particularly elaborate style of writing but only of being able to respect certain rules:

  1. Use simple language
  2. Be clear and concise
  3. Write short sentences and paragraphs
  4. Favor the “you” and the “you.”
  5. Be careful not to be clumsy and vulgar

Make Your Content Attractive

Attractive Pictures

Know that 40% of people respond better to images than text and that the information transmitted by an image is processed 60,000 times faster by your brain. Faced with these figures, it is, therefore, easy to understand that your image choice is challenging. So choose different, coherent, and striking images. Better yet, combine images and keywords for immediate responsiveness to get your visitor to click.

Catchy Title

The title of your article is the decisive element that will encourage your reader to deepen his reading. You must therefore pay particular attention to the implementation of your title. The first thing to do to set up a catchy title is to present the value and benefits of your content. Ask yourself what problem your article answers. Who encounters this problem? What are their pain points? The strong terms that affect them. Then, think about integrating the value of this article simply, thanks to an easily memorable title. Different formats to create a striking title:

  1. “How” format: How to find new customers
  2. “List” format: 5 tips for finding new customers
  3. “Negative” form: Why you should never stop prospecting
  4. Design “The secret of “: The secret to easily finding new customers
  5. “Key figures” format: Only 3% of companies implement a customer acquisition strategy

Check Your Content

Writing a blog post takes, on average, more than 3 hours. Please do not post your article as soon as you have finished writing it. It’s time to check for mistakes, inconsistencies, and nonsense. Remember to read it again a few hours/days later. The idea is to print your article to detect invisible errors on the screen. Also, ask one of your collaborators, in your department or not, to proofread your essay.

Analyze The Results Of Your Article

Remember that you are not writing content just for fun or obligation. The articles you write must contribute to the achievement of your objectives. So remember to analyze after a few days/weeks/months (depending on your traffic) the impact of your article through a few simple checks: Is it consulted regularly? Are there interactions? Is it a good source of conversion? Does it participate in my natural referencing? The objective is obviously to optimize your content as much as possible. Also, remember that your articles can be used and diverted through other formats: videos and infographics.

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