Stellar Photo Recovery Software: An Easy Way To Recover Your Precious Photos

It is the most disappointing thing for anyone to lose valuable photographs or videos from the device taken very fondly. Sometimes we may accidentally delete pictures and video clips of family, friends, occasions, or work. One time or the other, we experience such a situation in our lives, leading to dismay. You may not know what to do or get confused about recovering those precious memories back.

After a lot of search and investigation, we landed on the perfect solution. It is none other than the fantastic tool known as Stellar Photo Recovery, the memory saving software that successfully brings back all your precious memories that are unintentionally lost.

If you are looking for a photo recovery tool to recover your lost photos, Stellar Photo Recovery software does the job very easily. It has many features and is compatible with many devices. It recovers everything that is lost unless there is a damaged cause to the hardware of the device. You need not bother or worry over the lost ones as they will be found by the Stellar Photo Recovery tool in a short time. In this article, we will discuss the software in more detail.

Stellar Photo Recovery Software: An Easy Way To Recover Your Precious Photos

By now, you might have tried many free software recovery tools, but you may not have got the desired results. In this article, we would like to explain a fantastic recovery tool known as the Stellar Photo Recovery tool used by most photographers and others to recover photos, audio, and video files. It has a user-friendly interface with impeccable features. As you enter the software, you can directly start downloading photos, videos, or audio files from devices like hard disk or USB drive or phone or laptop, or any other device just by clicking on the recovery option.

Best Features Of Stellar Photo Recovery Tool

Intuitive UI design

Stellar Photo Recovery tool has a highly effective UI design, and it can scan devices with more than 2TB of storage space. It completely scans the storage of your device and shows up all the files to be restored.

A Multitude of Tools

It has many phenomenal tools like ListView, Cover Flow View, and Thumbnail view. It allows you to preview the file you want to restore. Using this recovery tool, you can recover a single file or multiple selected files.

Recovers The Data At An Incredible Speed

You can scan and quickly recover media by following simple steps. It won’t take much time, and you have the option to choose the areas or part of the sectors or specific files of different formats to be scanned by using the advanced mode.

Recovers To The Core With The Deep Scan Option

If you are unable to restore the desired file by using the quick scanning option, you can go for the Deep Scan option that scans more efficiently to restore the lost file or deleted information.

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Recovers Even The Encrypted Data

It has a pro-level program that helps you restore encrypted files or images or videos from drivers or folders. By entering a password at the required time, you can recover encrypted files from SDD, flash drive, SD card, HDD, or other devices.

Saves Time And Energy With The Preview Option

Preview is another helpful feature to choose which files should be recovered as it saves a lot of time. There are three options: File Type, used to find a file of a particular format; Tree View, designed to find a folder with a deleted file; and Deleted List, used to find the deleted images, video, and audio files.

Recovers Data From The High Storage Capacity Devices

Stellar Photo Recovery Software is an iconic tool that makes it possible to restore information from large storage capacity devices (more than 6 TB), unlike many other similar recovery software tools.

Trustworthy Software

This software comes from a very well-known developer. You can completely trust this software as there is no possibility of your device getting infected with malware. It is specifically designed only for scanning your disk space and file recovery, and it cannot make any changes to the system.

Workable With Many Devices

This software can restore data from various devices like SD cards like micro, mini, SDHC, SDXC, memory cards, sticks, etc. It can also extract data from CF cards, XQD memory cards, CFast, Smartmedia, MultiMediaCard, eXtreme (xD) card, P2 card, SD card for DSLR and many more.

Supports More Than Half A Century Formats

This program supports more than 50 formats for recovery, including BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, and PNG.

Utilized By Professionals And Common People

This software tool is used by photographers, videographers, designers who use Lightroom and photo editing software.

Worth The Price

Stellar Photo Recovery Tool comes up with three kinds of licenses that vary in price and features. You can choose the most suitable among them. They may seem slightly expensive, but we assure you that they are worth the price. You cannot get many features and reliability from other recovery tools.

  • Standard- Rs. 2,499: Photo recovery.
  • Professional- Rs. 2,999: Photo recovery and photo repair.
  • Premium- Rs. 3,499: Photo and video recovery, photo repair, and video repair.

All three options assure you of a lifetime license and allow you to restore an unlimited number of lost files. You will receive the recovery software through an email after purchasing one of the plans. With the Standard plan, you can recover only photos, whereas, with the Premium one, you can recover and repair the video files. Be wise to choose the most accurate plan for your needs.

Technical Specifications Of The Recovery Tool

  • Version: 11.0
  • Launch Date: May 2021.
  • License Usage: Single user.
  • Language Supported: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean.

Final Say

Stellar Photo Recovery Software is a reliable recovery tool with high-performance and power-packed tools. You can recover photo, video, and audio files of various formats like JPEG, TIFF, CR2, SR2, MP4, DIVX, OGG, WMA, and many more. Stellar software easily recovers digital cameras’ raster, vector, and RAW image files.

No doubt that this software has the potential to restore any lost or deleted data. Its users give this software an excellent rating. If you want to experience its performance, you can first use the free version, and then if you find it satisfactory, you can purchase a suitable plan.

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